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Smart Home system for apartments and villas

Unique solution for every customer

Fully integrated system for a truly modern home

Fits for apartments, villas, offices and yachts

Comfortable environment on every square meter of your home is maintained by multiple integrated devices

Make every spot in your living space smart

Please hover or click on any sensor and device on the map to find out more details

Outdoor lighting group

CCTV cameras

Smart Sensor

  • motion
  • air quality
  • insolation
  • weather

Door/window sensor

Solar panel

WI-FI integrated system

Lighting control

Voice assistant

Indoor lighting group

Control panel

Socket control

Multimedia system

Air conditioner

Automated gate

Electrical vehicle charger

Water supply control

Intercom system

Water cooling system


Extraction hood

Leak detectors

Please hover or click on any sensor and device on the map to find out more details
Living room
Swimming pool

Ventilation, smoke sensor

 smart lighting

smart switches

smart plugs

smart pool cooling


extractor fan

air conditioner

smart curtains

light sensors, door opening/closing

light sensors, window opening/closing

 light sensors, opening/closing windows

pool filtration

 pool pumps

pool cover

Our team prefers to use top-notch brands from USA and Germany. Simple Home in-house crew of engineers has all the necessary certifications from the manufacturers and the experience to make all your automation ideas come true

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Lamps, sockets, curtains, blinds


Air conditioning, ventilation, pool and surface cooling systems


Real time sensor data and alerts in the mobile app

One Smart Home system to control:


TV, home theater, projector, Wi-Fi, high-end systems, multi-room